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Not Your Typical Bio...
Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Trainer & Football Coach.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re expecting to gather or read as far as my Bio is concerned, but what I will tell you is what you are about to read is 100% true. No fluff, no exaggeration, just the facts about me. Some names have been changed to protect the innocent (just kidding) but its all true.

First let’s talk about my education. I have a Masters Degree from the University of “Hard Knocks” with a Major in “Life”… Yes that’s right, I do not have an official degree from any College, University or other. What I do have is real life experiences, challenges, successes and failures. I am a Graduate of Pennsbury High School in Fairless Hills, Pa. where I was an average student. I excelled in the fun classes, you know, Phys Ed, Economics, Art and History, and not so well in others. I did play sports, notably Varsity Football (GO FALCONS!) and I’d like to think I was pretty good (2year Letterman & Starter) by High School standards.

I was also very fortunate enough to have played on a league championship team as a Senior, and won the Unsung Hero Award the same year for my efforts. Upon Graduating (back then) we walked on Thursday and received our diploma on Friday. I went to work full time the following Monday. While all my friends, girlfriends and family were having a great old time on vacation, traveling to different places, I started my very first full time job at Jorgensen Steel in Langhorne, Pa. Hence, my next 7 years would lead me to working in this industry while making my way on the “Fast Track” to becoming a Union Representative. Funny how things change…

I won’t bore you with details about my “illustrious” Steel Manufacturing and Distribution career so we’ll get right into the sexy stuff… I was given the opportunity to try my hand in Executive Search & Staffing and this is where the fun really started… Now you might ask why was I given such an opportunity that was on the opposite side of the career spectrum? Well, being a good Union Rep or in my case, Shop Steward, meant I had to have very solid negotiating skills and the tenacity to deal with major issues that effected company work flow, morale, leadership, grievances as well as many other duties that were all transferable to Executive Recruiting.

I truly believed I always had the necessary people skills to be successful in other career endeavors, but did I ever think more than 20 years ago I would ever become Vice President or Chief Operating Officer of a Healthcare Staffing Firm? Of course the answer is no, but that’s exactly what happened. So I might have left out a few things, but let’s get to the present… Now it hasn’t all been peaches & cream, as a matter of fact a lot of it was probably more “sour cream”. But I knew there were other “things” that interested me, or even drove me to explore different business ventures while always keeping my options open. So in 2003 I started Ray Yedman & Associates, and never looked back.

During this time I have had the privilege to work with, network with, hire and train some outstanding business professionals. It has also allowed me to do what I love probably the most, which is teaching & educating through Public Speaking. There’s nothing better than working with a group of aspiring Entrepreneurs, Business Owners & Professionals on an ongoing basis.

I also have been Coaching Youth Football and even took part in one season as an assistant coach for a semi-pro 8-man Football Team in the Spring of 2019. That was definitely interesting and a change of pace from the "11-man game", but it's always good to try new things and challenge yourself. That's what my moto (and branded hashtag) is all about... #gitsome! I'm now an assistant Coach on our local High School Team and it's absolutely one of my biggest passions and look forward to it daily, even during the off season.

So as this crazy, amazing journey moves on, I can only hope that I continue to be fortunate enough to touch a few lives year in and year out while growing and learning more and more about myself and others I meet. Thanks for reading about me and I hope that I have the pleasure of meeting you someday or better yet, doing business with you!

Ray Yedman
Dad, Entrepreneur, Power Networker, Certified Trainer & Public Speaker
“You miss 100% of the shots you never take”
--Wayne Gretzky--

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